Dr. Rahul Bahot is an enterprising Chest and Sleep Physician from Mumbai city. With exceptional skills in the management of Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Interstitial Lung Diseases, Sleep Apnea, Occupational Lung Diseases and MDR Tuberculosis, Dr. Bahot demonstrates a perfect blend of clinical knowledge and skills with characteristic traits of humility, compassion and empathy.


A holder of MBBS and DNB (Respiratory Diseases), Dr. Bahot is the recipient of ‘Best Intern’s Award’ from Seth G S Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai during his undergraduate days. His current centres of practice in Mumbai are BSES MG Brahma Kumari (Andheri), Prabhakar Bhurke Clinic (Andheri), and Sanghvi Hospital & ICU (Borivali), Sai Lee Hospital (Borivali) and Zenith Hospital (Malad) with selected days and timings of availability.


Dr. Bahot has a unique protocol for resolving the issues of sleep apnea afflicted patients. Patients suffering from Obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS) are provided a dedicated consultation slot with a team catering to Sleep Study with complete Polysomnography right at the patient’s home. While delivering institute level high quality of Sleep Study at the patient’s door steps, Dr. Bahot makes disgnostics tools in Sleep Medicine extremely cost effective.


Highly trained in all Chest medicine procedures, Dr. Bahot is a store house of scientific information. This coupled with suitable application knowledge by Dr. Bahot have culminated in optimal patient outcomes thus recording a high rate of patient satisfaction. A hardworking and dedicated individual, Dr. Bahot gives personal attention to persons seeking his professional help and with a patient and empathetic ear seeks to understand their needs and address them appropriately. As a service to society, he also regularly conducts free respiratory check up camps in conjunction with his friends sharing a similar vision.


Dr. Bahot, a committed, confident, genuine and honest professional brings with him a wave of promise, stability and high quality in the field of health and patient care.